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There are plenty of insurtechs and fintechs out there.  Why are you different?

We’re totally new  - the size of and scope of what insurance and reinsurance needs to cover (e.g. climate, cyber/intangibles, etc) requires that the industry has access to dynamic capital seeking a return, still with the infrastructure to make sure capital is there to pay the insureds and more.  All this needs to be regulated.

That’s why we have created AkinovA: we’re not a broker, we’re not a carrier, we’re an “Insurance Marketplace” and we are neutral and digital.

What does it cost to join the AkinovA ecosystem?

Joining the AkinovA ecosystem is easytypically you pay when you complete a transaction on the Marketplace. Other charges may apply in connection with some elements of our services. Please contact for full details on the fee schedule. 

What do I need to sign to gain access to the AkinovA ecosystem?

Depending on what you want to do in the ecosystem you may be asked to sign different legal agreements covering the business you want to do. These may include a NDA to protect your data, a Data Room Services Agreement to gain access to the pre-trade Deal Room, a Participant Services Agreement that allows you to trade on the Marketplace and a Data Licence and Framework Agreement to allows you to provide data and analytics to Marketplace Participants. 

What information do I need to provide to join the AkinovA ecosystem?

When joining the AkinovA ecosystem you will be asked to provide company details in order to set up legal agreements and performing regulatory checks. You will also be asked to provide personal information required to set up user accounts. We perform full AML, KYC and sanctions checks on all trading Marketplace Participantsbut these are not required to gain access to the pre-trade Deal Room. 

How do I access the AkinovA Marketplace?

The AkinovA Marketplace is available in the web browser and as a desktop application via OpenFin. 

At what times of the day can I access the AkinovA Marketplace?

The Marketplace is accessible during standard Europe, Bermuda and East Coast US business hours. 

Are my data secure in the AkinovA ecosystem?

AkinovA is FSQS certified, is in the process of attaining ISO27001 certification and have been vetted and approved by multiple corporate clients of all sizes. Any data placed in the AkinovA Deal Room are only accessible to the people approved by you. 

Who do I contact if I need help?

Please contact us.