Fast. Powerful. Secure. Risk transfer dealing reinvented.

AkinovA opens up a level, digital-first playing field for all parties engaged in the transfer of risk. Whether you’re acting for clients, insuring directly, buying risk or providing data and analysis toolsets, our ecosystem helps improve performance and opens up new opportunities.

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Increase your client base, find capacity, deepen your advisory offering and lower the cost of placement.

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Cover Buyers

Actively manage your exposure to risk. Match the right risk with the right capital at the best possible price point.

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Capacity Providers

Deploy underutilised, or unutilised capital quickly and efficiently, increasing yield and finding premium, and actively managing exposure as you do so.

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Data, Analytics and Service Providers

Find new customers for your products and services amongst our global user base of Cover Buyers, Brokers and Capacity Providers.

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AkinovA. The secure, globally regulated, end-to-end electronic marketplace for insurance and reinsurance.

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Regulated and Certified Worldwide

Regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. ISO27001 and FSQS certified and FCA regulated. We meet stringent tests from major brokers, corporates and capital markets clients and regulatory authorities. Not a broker ourselves, we are an Appointed Representative of HISL Brokers and MJ Hudson.

Cutting Edge, Secure and Scalable Technology

The AkinovA platform uses secure, encrypted, Cloud-based technology, enabling rapid scaling and high availability. The platform is Blockchain Distributed Ledger ready, and employs ML/AI pattern recognition projects for document ingestion.

Customisable Price Discovery

With multiple competing parties for every deal, AkinovA employs established price discovery methodologies to give you real-time visibility of market appetite and pricing availability.

Animated by Industry Participants

Active participants from across the insurance/reinsurance value chain animate the AkinovA Marketplace, ensuring quality opportunities and valuable deal flow.

Secure Instant Messaging

No more disparate communications spread across email, third party messaging apps and off-the-record phone calls. AkionovA lets you communicate with other market participants via our encrypted and regulated on-platform chat.

Secondary Market Trading

Operating on the same platform as primary trading, AkionvA streamlines the retrading of insured capital, freeing up capacity swiftly to enable you to engage in further trades.

Data, News & Analytics

Keep absolutely up to date on events that are relevant to your portfolio, and access third party analytics and data sources through the platform, to inform decision making and deal structuring.

Marketplace Reporting

As well as enabling customisable reports on your own trading activity, AkinovA enables you to configure anonymised reports based on Marketplace activity.

Global Reach.
We’re regulated by The Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Through a brand new regulatory framework set up under the BMA, AkinovA is regulated as a Marketplace but neither as Broker nor as Carrier of insurance. As a result, AkinovA remains neutral, is already multi-broker, is regulated whilst it does not compete with its clients and ecosystem and is global.

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