London – 14th February 2023

AkinovA, a technology enabled marketplace for the effective transfer of (re)insurance risks, has announced a partnership with CFAN, a leading forecasting firm specializing in hurricane, extreme weather and climate risks. The partnership will provide AkinovA’s users with access to CFAN’s advanced weather forecasting, enhancing their ability to analyse natural catastrophe risk. CFAN delivers unparalleled weather forecasting capabilities, applying advanced proprietary methods. CFAN has a long track record of predicting weather related events with supreme accuracy.

“At AkinovA, we want to provide our users with a comprehensive range of services supporting them to make the right investment choices. Partnering with CFAN allows underwriters, investors, corporates and their risk advisors to understand weather risk more accurately, especially Atlantic hurricane risk. CFAN's analytics will give investors evaluating AkinovA's weather risk investment opportunities a unique set of tools”

Henri Winand, CEO of AkinovA

“Providing actionable insights to the insurance industry related to hurricane activity and other extreme weather and climate risks has been an ongoing priority for CFAN in recent years. We are delighted to partner with AkinovA to expand our support to this industry.”

Dr. Judith Curry, President of CFAN

AkinovA users can begin taking advantage of CFAN’s solutions via the AkinovA platform available here:

About AkinovA  

AkinovA is a neutral, secure, regulated, end-to-end electronic marketplace for insurance and reinsurance where risks can meet capital from a range of sources (including corporates/insureds, insurers, reinsurers, capital markets) animated by brokers, analytics and other service providers. It is a marketplace for insurance risk transfer and trading, and capital raising. AkinovA provides investors with access to great new investment opportunities often decorrelated from capital markets to help hit financial returns. AkinovA is regulated to trade with brokers, insurers, reinsurers, ILS funds, capital market investors, listed corporates, data, analytics and service providers in 41 countries (UK FCA AR and Bermuda BMA regulated, ISO27001 certified).

AkinovA Services:

  • Capital Raising and Acceleration Services – Securing risk capital and working capital for data rich, tech enabled fintechs, insurtechs, tech firms, renewable energy & ESG ventures, via a global ecosystem of analytics and services partners, investors and cap raising partners.
  • Marketplace, Analytical Services and Trading – Secure, neutral, electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of insurance, reinsurance, insurance linked securities and collateral.

For more information, please go to:, email or phone +44 (0)20 8012 8172.

About CFAN 

CFAN, the Climate Forecast Applications Network, has offices in Reno, Nevada and Atlanta, Georgia. CFAN has been defining the state-of-the-art in weather forecasting since 2007. The company provides the finest weather and climate forecasts including timely, actionable information to support our clients’ critical decisions.

For more information, please visit , or contact Jim LeMunyon at or +1 703-472-9307.

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